Long Live the Emperor Reviews

“This is a masterpiece!  Have never seen a graphic novel like it and I understand why the author has categorized it as a ‘Literary’ graphic novel.  Splendid read and looking forward to reading the whole series!” ~ Paul Lee – Seattle WA

“Long Live the Emperor is a wonderful read that gives us our first look at a world that isn’t simply what it appears on the surface. Magic, time distortion, dimensional travel, ancient strategy and many clever twists will keep you reading and want to know more about this fascinating world of Orlen.” ~ Timothy Mitchell – Paonia CO

“As an artist I was shocked that so much work and beauty was in a ‘comic book’ story.  The story itself was very intriguing from the first page to the last and I am definitely anxiously awaiting the next book of the Tales of Orlen series!  Five Stars for sure.”  ~ AnA Doerflein

“JP Green has set a new ceiling for the graphic novel industry of quality and superb writing/illustrating of Long Live The Emperor.  Bravo!” ~ David Ontello – New York

“Splendid achievement for the graphic novel world!  This beginning story of the Tales of Orlen series really captured by curiosity for the next books and I was delighted by every page with its beautiful illustrations.” ~ Count David Gagnon – Florida