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  • Earth Day…I AM the Earth
    We at Summer Time Studios have celebrated Earth Day every year since we were born with our mother who has taught us that ‘Earth Day is about caring for our community” which is not just our human family but all life on our beautiful planet.  We have been sad to see this annual celebration get […]
  • Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
    At the beginning of March Summer Time Studios publisher, ReGenesis Media, submitted “Long Live The Emperor” for consideration of nominations for the 2020 graphic novel and comic book awards.   The title was submitted to be considered for the following categories: Best new series Best publication for kids Best publication for teens Best graphic album–new material […]
  • The Mercenary & The Crystal Eye – Book II Tales of Orlen Series
    We are happy to announce that the script for Book II of the Tales of Orlen Series is completed and Jaron has started the illustrations and writing of “The Mercenary & The Crystal Eye”.   
  • Paperback & Limited Edition Hardcover Available Soon!
    The paperback and limited edition hardcover copies of “Long Live The Emperor” will be available for order next month! After researching and reviewing printers and print on demand services we are super excited to be able to offer the beautiful 8 1/2 x 11 copies of our first publication to our followers and fans. We […]
  • Winter Solstice Hearth Warming Celebration
    Traditions are the foundation of family, community, and culture. Our whole life we have celebrated the Winter Solstice which is the shortest day and longest night of the year.   It is when the Sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation in the sky.  Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere of Earth is the Summer […]
  • Art-Movies & Us
    Back in 2018 before YouTube became a censored monopoly and destroyed the lives of content creators by setting new and unfair monetization rules we had ambitions to start our own show called “Art – Movies and Us”.  We worked for months planning and creating videos to post and then the new rules came down so […]
  • Tales of Orlen
    In the World of Orlen the country of Norrodor is a land undergoing a period of rapid evolution. Both technologically and culturally. Its races of beings once lived as hundreds of independent City States before the Dread Invasion from the North forced them to unite or die. The three kingdoms of Hierdmok, the Foughtana Common […]
  • Long Live the Emperor Reviews
    “This is a masterpiece!  Have never seen a graphic novel like it and I understand why the author has categorized it as a ‘Literary’ graphic novel.  Splendid read and looking forward to reading the whole series!” ~ Paul Lee – Seattle WA “Long Live the Emperor is a wonderful read that gives us our first […]
  • Official Release of Long Live The Emperor!
    After months of editing and finalization we are so proud to announce the official release of “Long Live The Emperor”! There was a great deal of strategic planning and discussion with our publisher about how to go about sharing this work with the right audiences, distribution, and long term goals. We decided in the end […]
  • Summer Time Studios Founders Introduction
    Hello Friends! This is from founders of Summer Time Studios Jade A. Green and Jaron P. Green.  We would like to have our first blog post be an introduction to what we do here at Summer Time Studios.   The short of it is we make good wholesome kids media.  Now let us define what we […]