Summer Time Friends Community

We are building our Summer Time Friends Community and invite you to sign up today and receive our monthly newsletter and special announcements.  We are technologically ‘old fashion’ in many ways and have chosen to not participate in standard social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter ever in our young lives.  Many of our friends are home schooled like we were and we want to give them a way to connect with us that doesn’t require them to have accounts on those not so private platforms.  Plus many people we talk to these days are leaving those social media platforms so good old fashioned newsletters will probably be back in style. 

We will be adding our own expanded private network in time which will allow us to interact with friends and Summer Time Studio’s productions fans in a more personable and privacy protected way.   For now when you join it will be simple announcements and a Summer Time Newsletter.  Look forward to our journey together into the Summer Time world!