Earth Day at Summer Time Studios

As you all may know from past blog posts we celebrate Earth Day annually in our own unique way here at Summer Time Studios – which basically means it is creatively different each year.  This year we gave special focus to prayers for humanity as we move through an epic historical transition on a global scale. 

This transition has catastrophic elements as systems and structures seem to be collapsing all around the globe.  We are both historians and have studied deeply civilization histories as well as classic Empire Collapses over the centuries of time up to present day. 

One important note of each epic turning of an age is that humanity always seem to be able to anchor in new systems and structures that meet the needs of the times and rise through the ashes like a Phoenix.   They manage to do this through creatively applying their minds, hearts, and spirits to manifest their dreams of a better future. 

Celebrating Earth Day includes celebrating humanity – we know many feel there is not much to celebrate in the face of war, death, pandemics, violence, economic struggles, homelessness and dozens of other social breakdowns but when you look at the list of these challenges you will see that history has shown us we can and will prevail through human persistence and perseverance in the face of ridiculous odds! 

As historians we ourselves we try not to get swept up in the subjective realms of these times and we focus all of our energy on understanding why the world is going through these epic changes.  Everything that is happening today has long and deep roots into our collective past which many have forgotten or have limited understandings of. 

In our Earth Day prayers for humanity we prayed that people would be guided to this knowledge and that it would help them build context for understanding so that they would be able to navigate these times knowing they are a part of history and they would have the strength/power to rise to fulfilling their personal destiny and purposes.  That was our Earth Day prayer and we send the Earth and all of the Children of Earth our deepest blessings.