Long Live The Emperor & Metatron Alliance!

After months of working on promoting “Long Live The Emperor” and doing outreach to individuals who we deeply respect we are so happy to announce our first promotional campaign on the “Metatron” YouTube channel.  Jaron has been a big fan of Metatron’s shows and has learned a great deal about history, languages, and medieval weapons/armors which inspired him while working on “Long Live The Emperor”. 

When developing a marketing strategy for all Summer Time Studios works we had deep discussions about ‘what audiences do we wish to reach’ and ‘what methods of marketing and distribution do we wish to use’.  We have always walked our own path in life and when we looked at the mainstream publishing and marketing methods we made a decision that we don’t want to participate in that paradigm. 

Our works will always be tailored to an audience that have high standards based on sound values/principles and who have an appreciation of classical beauty as well as a love of history.  This audience we will want to form our community around is a ‘niche’ audience so to speak and we want to have a more personalized connection with them rather than blocking them into a mass audience and labeling them ‘fans’.  We want to be able to call those who appreciate and support our works ‘allies’ and friends.  That means we will not be going through established channels like Amazon or participating in mass marketing. 

We want our works to be promoted by people we respect and admire which Metatron is at the top of the list.  We are proud to be able to call Metatron our first official Ally on this path of bringing our creative works to our human family!  Please visit his channel to support his wonderful work! 

Here is the full video that has our first official promotion in it at the 3:38