Official Release of Long Live The Emperor!

After months of editing and finalization we are so proud to announce the official release of “Long Live The Emperor”!

There was a great deal of strategic planning and discussion with our publisher about how to go about sharing this work with the right audiences, distribution, and long term goals.

We decided in the end that we would release the work in EBook format first and then after enough sales were generated we would do a limited edition print run.    We also chose to not market through Amazon or other middlemen in the beginning because we wanted our allies to be able to share in profits.  If we went through Amazon then there would not be much at all to share because of the ridiculous percentage Amazon takes from writers who are working with small independent publishers.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us in this first production by Summer Time Studios and we look forward to hearing your reviews and feedback!

To purchase a copy of the EBook click here.