Summer Time Update – Literally

The peak of summer is always our favorite time of year.  We have been of course working on our new upcoming books in between riding our new electric bikes in the mountains and river-boarding to cool off from the hot days.  The long days are filled with many inspirations and we are grateful to all of our friends and family who are supporting our work.  

Our Metatron marketing campaign is doing great and we are so thankful for Metatron’s help with getting “Long Live The Emperor” shared within his noble community of the sword! 

We spoke in our last post that we intend to try a new approach to publishing –

“Our works will always be tailored to an audience that have high standards based on sound values/principles and who have an appreciation of classical beauty as well as a love of history.  This audience we will want to form our community around is a ‘niche’ audience so to speak and we want to have a more personalized connection with them rather than blocking them into a mass audience and labeling them ‘fans’.  We want to be able to call those who appreciate and support our works ‘allies’ and friends.  That means we will not be going through established channels like Amazon or participating in mass marketing.” 

Our desire to share our works outside of the mainstream publishing paradigm has many built in challenges of marketing and distribution that we will be navigating in the present and coming years.  One of the biggest challenges seems to be succeeding in simple communication via email.   We have decided we are going to go back to old fashioned ‘snail mail’ correspondence because it seems like emails just get lost in some kind of a vacuum despite our best efforts to ‘google’ verify and all the other ‘safe guards’ that they claim are needed so that one’s email doesn’t end up in spam!    There is something charming about putting letters in envelopes and placing stamps upon them which we enjoy.  Our world has become too crazy fast and therefore it seems many opportunities are simply being missed because everyone is in hyper drive.  

The second biggest challenge is in getting print on demand (POD) for printed versions of our work streamlined so that when someone orders a hard copy of a book it can be easily drop shipped from the printer at a cost that is reasonable.  We are working on getting “Long Live The Emperor” printed so that folks can order a copy easily without us having to bulk order and then mail ourselves.  Many of our recent sales have been international so if we cannot find good overseas POD we won’t be able to offer printed versions to folks in other countries – the shipping would cost more than the book! 

Long Live The EmperorOur family publishing company – ReGenesis Media – is doing outreach on this matter and we hope to have something resolved by this coming autumn.  It will be wonderful to be able to offer printed versions.  Until then we will continue to offer our works in simple e-book downloads and we thank everyone who has purchased our work and appreciate your wonderful reviews! 

Here is the latest Metatron video “Long Live The Emperor” sponsored…