Earth Day…I AM the Earth

We at Summer Time Studios have celebrated Earth Day every year since we were born with our mother who has taught us that ‘Earth Day is about caring for our community” which is not just our human family but all life on our beautiful planet.  We have been sad to see this annual celebration get hijacked by ‘climate change’ and other political crazies over the years because it has robbed people from being able to simply come together in honor and celebration of the beauty of our world, the appreciation of our families/communities, and do fun things like learn about our big blue planet in this mysterious and amazing universe. 

When we were little we would sometimes spend this day simply choosing a place to go that we could do a clean up project or have a picnic with friends.  Our mother sometimes was part of organizing events or festivals but she left that arena when the ‘green’ movement strayed away from happy celebrations of life to lecturing about how doomed we all are. 

One of our favorite songs that we feel really captures the spirit of Earth Day was created by a composer Glyn Lehmann and performed by a children’s choir.  The animation in the video was created by children from Marryatville Primary School, South Australia in 2008.  We wanted to share it with everyone on this Earth Day to help lift spirits and bring smiles!