Summer Time Studios going International

We have made the decision to go international with our publications!  After the success of our marketing campaigns with Metatron (who is based in Italy) and much discussion about the direction we wish to go we have concluded that going international with our publications is the best way for us to connect with the global family. 

This means we are getting our works translated into multiple languages beginning with Italian to honor our new friends in Italy who have supported our studio and purchased “Long Live The Emperor”

We are researching potential translators and going with advice Metatron gave us about what criteria we need in a good translator.  Metatron worked as a translator in his past and is phenomenal in his understandings of linguistics (see his video below about the Lorica Segmentata in Classical Latin!)   With his help we are confident we will be able to find the perfect translators for our works and begin the journey of learning how to share present and future publications with a global community!