Welcome “Into the Wardrobe Community”

“Greetings Friends of Narnia Community! 

It is truly an honor for Summer Time Studios to be a sponsor of this wonderful channel that celebrates and explores the amazing world of Narnia. 

When me and my brother were young our mother read us the Narnia books before bed each night and I was always enchanted and inspired by the characters and world. As we grew up and became writers ourselves Narnia always remained a key source of inspiration. I personally was always fascinated by the friendship between C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkin, who throughout their lives faced many trials and tribulations but always found it in them to carry on with their passions and goals.

With all this in mind you can imagine my excitement when I found the Into The Wardrobe channel. Up until that point there were no dedicated Narnian Lore channels on YouTube and Stuarts enthusiasm about the world was infectious and drew me and many other viewers into the stories and lore.  I’m very honored and excited to be given the opportunity to share my own creative work with this wonderful Community. Our studio is a small one and we publish and market our books ourselves. It can sometimes be challenging to find good ways to market our books which is why I was very grateful when Stuart expressed interest in a partnership when I reached out to him. We discussed everything over a video call and I enjoyed speaking with him and geeking out about books and authors.

Thank you, dear reader, for your interest in exploring The Tales Of Orlen. There are many more tales to tell in this story and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.” ~ J.P. Green


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